I will continue to recommend The Country Doctor to anyone interested…

I found the Country Doctor, Dr Dan Young, after having surgery to repair a cut tendon in my hand. This may seem like a non-connect but the scenario went like this: stupid human move causes sliced tendon, terrific surgeon repairs tendon, during surgery an antibiotic injection is given, antibiotic causes severe raging diarrhea for 21 days, consult with surgeon has me start probiotics which curbs […]

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A Whole New Life

“I came to Dr. Dan with constant pain; no stamina, terrible depression, “really, I was old and on my way out, thinking this is the way it was supposed to be.” Instead, I found empathy and kindness from the staff and Dr. and after six weeks I have improved sixty to 70%. I am still improving and am very grateful for the personal touch I […]

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Turning My Life Around

“When I started my program I could barely accomplish anything due to pain from my stomach. I suffer from allergies to wheat, yeast, and oats. And have had severe issues with candida/yeast imbalance all my life. Even though I was eating pretty well I still had issues I couldn’t pinpoint on my own. I also had a virus that made my bones ache when I […]

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Learning to Succeed

“When I started the nutritional program with the Country Doctor, I was uninformed about methods of analyzing my body and its health issues. After the first visit, my personal nutrition program, I was to stop eating eggs, cheese, flour, sugar, and milk. I was sure I was to succumb to starvation! After completing the first six weeks, I have learned much of how the body […]

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Changed My Life

“I have had headaches for about 10+ years; in the last year or 2 they have gotten so bad I can’t function daily. I go to my doctor weekly, I see a neurologist biweekly, I also go to a chiro and get massages. I have tried more pills from the doctors than I can count, I’ve had scans of every kind and I’ve tried every […]

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