3 Reasons Why The Country Doctor’s Herbs Are Better

3 Reasons Why The Country Doctor’s Herbs Are Better

Why the Country Doctor’s Herbal Extracts are Best

It’s as Simple as 1 – 2 – 3

Reason Number 1

Antique Formulae

Many of the herbal formulae available today were designed in the middle to late 1800’s, some earlier. The late 1800’s were very different times. Today, we have junk food restaurants on every corner, get less exercise and have more stress than ever before in history. What it took to stimulate and cleanse Wyatt Earp and Buffalo Bill 150 years ago doesn’t work today. Even some of the more modern herbal formulae available today were designed in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

This is still over 40 years ago when herbs were looked at as a cute little hobby to alleviate headaches and tired feet, not treat causes and symptoms. Many of the modern formulae are just remakes of these ancient formulae. The herbs are just shuffled and a so-called new formula is created. Most of these old formulae just don’t work.

Reason Number 2

Weak Formulae, Wimpy Dosages, Poor Manufacturing and Inferior Quality Herbs

Most modern American natural healers and herbalists have been educated and grew up in a hostile legal and political environment. Recent history reveals that some influential medical organizations have been on a witch hunt for practicing herbalists. Out of fear, most herbalists and manufacturers want to make sure that no one ever gets a strong action or has any reactions with their products, even a cleansing reaction. They feel it’s far safer to make a product having little or no effect. Like the medical profession today, treatment and therapy parameters are designed by hospital legal departments to minimize financial repercussions and malpractice lawsuits, not always what is best for the patient.

One way these herbal manufacturers assure their safety, not your health, is to design formulas with very small amounts of potent herbs, or none at all. Then to be really safe they suggest a dose that is so low it’s useless. They don’t want to take any risks. To further weaken any potency, many manufacturers have abandoned the tried and true methods of old-time herbalists, using instead quick extraction processes, high tech (high heat) machinery, freeze dried herbs, ignoring the moons and seasons, mostly to make a quick buck. Many manufacturers are more concerned their product tastes good or has a great looking label than whether we can get well using it. Many labels are loaded with sophisticated laboratory testing results for potency, trying to convince us the colorless, tasteless and odorless water inside will actually benefit us.

Probably the worst aspect of many herbal formulae today is the poor quality of herbs used. The vast majority of herbal products are made from herbs grown outside the U.S. There is only one reason for this: They are cheap. Herbs brought in from India, China, Egypt, Mexico or eastern Europe cost literally pennies a pound.

We never use these poor quality herbs at Country Doctor. We always use certified organically grown or wild crafted herbs that can cost over 20 times as much. Many countries have disgusting growing conditions, toxic pollution and out of control pesticides and insecticides. When we travel to these countries we don’t drink the water, don’t even eat the food so then why in the world do we want to ingest into our bodies the herbs grown there?

Contaminated herbs brought into the U.S. are gassed with Ethylene Oxide, and antibacterial gas known to cause cancer and also cause mutations in unborn children. In fact, the majority of organic herbs are sterilized with this gas because most manufacturers are scared to use un-sterilized herbs.

Most of our colleagues, out of fear of prosecution, write books and magazine articles, gather at meetings of their guilds, but rarely have ever worked with a patient.  This leads to the third reason why most herbal formulae don’t work.

Reason Number 3

More Organically Grown Herbs in the Jug

Organically grown and wild crafted herbs, because they are pampered and fed, are hardier, have 4 to 10 times the healing plant chemicals in them and none of the cancer causing insecticides, pesticides and sterilization gasses on them. It isn’t some new age fad; stronger, cleaner herbs work better. “More herbs in the jugs!” I know this sounds so simple but it’s a real joke how few herbs most companies put into the big extract jug.

We have one rule, FILL IT TO THE TOP! Some people say we waste herbs. Who cares? Most companies only fill the jugs up 10% to 20% with herbs. They say that this is all that is necessary and have detailed graphs and charts about extraction rates and photochemical concentrations. BULL! They have lost sight of one thing: YOU. When your child, spouse or parent is ill, you could care less about these charts and graphs. You want the strongest extract that can be made. You’re interested in results, not theory.

One of the basic rules of natural therapy:  You must first open up, strengthen and tone the elimination organs, especially the bowel, liver and kidneys. Why? The whole purpose of doing any type of cleansing or detoxification program is to get the toxins out of your fat, muscle and blood.

Think about this, how are all of the toxins and poisons going to get out of your body? The toxins, once dissolved, must be eliminated by your bowel, liver and kidneys and sometimes the skin. If these organs are not ready to handle the load, you will wish you never thought of getting healthy. Many people who attempt to do cleansing programs before their bodies are able to eliminate waste don’t get well. In fact they get worse.

What happens is that all of the toxins and poisons you begin to dissolve and remove have no place to go. They re-circulate and are reabsorbed. We all know someone who started to do a cleansing and felt worse instead of better.