Anxiety, Migraines & Hair Loss

Anxiety, Migraines & Hair Loss

I started with Dan back in May of 2017. I began seeing him with complaints of migraines and severe anxiety. I complied with my program and was feeling much better with a few short weeks. I continued seeing him until October 2017. I felt he had given me the tools I needed to keep the migraines and anxiety away so I stopped going to my maintenance appointments. I did really well on my own and was able to keep my migraines and anxiety away.

Then, in November 2018, the anxiety came back along with headaches and dizzy spells. I let them go on until December, 26th, 2018 when I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed. My hair was falling out. I lost 20 pounds, had headaches and anxiety and much more. That day I came in and saw Craig where I learned I had parasites and a bacterial infection. I complied with my program and began feeling better in 4-5 weeks. Had I continued with my maintenance plan, we would have caught things before they got too big. I cannot stress enough the importance of maintenance. I am now feeling better and will from now on continue my maintenance plan.

-CeeJae P.

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