Chapter 1: Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System

Chapter 1: Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System


  1. What two things can make the biggest impact in you experiencing abundant, vibrant health? (2 parts)
  2. Who said there are no incurable Diseases?
  3. Who did John think were incurable people? (3 types)
  4. What is an exception to incurable illness? 
    Could it have been prevented?
  5. Why is it important to break this information down into bite sized pieces? 
  6. Where does Modern Medicine Really shine? (3 parts)
  7. What will drugs not heal? 

8. Could big pharma produce a product that would actually get you well? 

9. What procedure did they use on my grandfather’s Parkinson’s? 

10. Can Auto-Intoxication be dangerous to people taking drugs? 

11. After Reading Naturopathy – The Drugless Practitioner, what thoughts or comments did you come away with? 

12. What do Traditional Naturopaths Do?

True or False:

A. Behave like medical doctors

B. Diagnose Disease

C. Perform Surgeries

D. Write Drug Prescriptions

E. Believe and Use Non-Invasive Modalities

13. What 16 different, non-invasive modalities can Traditional Naturopaths be trained in? 

14. Do Traditional Naturopath’s Cooperate with other branches of Medical Science? 

15. What other evaluations can Traditional Naturopath’s perform? 

16. These evaluations are designed to do two things, what are they? 

17. Who Founded the American School of Naturopathy? 

18. Naturopathy promotes health in two ways, what are they:

19. Naturopathic philosophy is supported by seven pillars. Name the seven pillars:

20. What is one way to confirm the credentials of a Traditional Naturopath? 

2 responses to “Chapter 1: Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System”

  1. Terry Henderson says:

    I am interested in becoming a patient of your clinic. I don’t go to modern medical doctors except in case of accidents. I have been working with naturopathic doctors on line, but would like to have someone “more available”, although Cheyenne is 150 miles south of me. I can at least do an appointment in driving distance.

    • sthompson says:

      Hey Terry! We apologize for the late reply! If you’d like to discuss scheduling your first appointment, please call our office at 307-634-2464

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