Chapter 11 Book Study

Chapter 11 Book Study

Thank you for joining our Book Study.  This week we discussed Chapter 11 and you can watch the replay here:

If you would like to join our next book study please call our office to reserve your spot at 307-634-2464. We meet Monday’s from 6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.  We also air LIVE on our Facebook page here

Next week we will cover Chapter 12 and discuss the following questions:

  1. Complete this sentence: “If you desire good health__________________________”
  2. At around 35, certain genetic weakness can begin to manifest, these are the result of diet and lifestyle, what they are called?
  3. If you eat the Standard American Diet, you are what?
  4. Most over the counter calcium supplements are made from?
  5. Vitamins do 3 things for us, what are they?
  6. Without proper mineral presence, the vitamins will not?
  7. Gray hair is a sign of what mineral deficiency?
  8. With proper mineral uptake, you may see an improvement in hair color after?
  9. How many minerals will healthy soil have in it for growing nutritious food?
  10. Do not make the mistake of confusing calories with what?
  11. Dark green leafy veggies, raw, uncooked as well as organic fruits if possible help you maintain what?
  12. The most nutrient rich, all-natural, Bio Available, almost predigested, with no synthetic ingredients is called?
  13. The most important, first cleanse used in our clinic is?
  14. Two things position 80% of our clients to get totally well, what are they?
  15. The right cleanse consists of what 2 primary components?
  16. After initial cleansing, how often should you perform a colon cleanse?
  17. Should a person who has had their Gallbladder removed complete a Liver Gallbladder Flush?
  18. What can be created when the Liver is sick, weak and overloaded with toxins?
  19. Every person we have seen that was diagnosed with cancer has a toxic, congested what?
  20. Kidney Bladder Flushes promote Normal function, which in turn?
  21. This flush will help? 22. The next cleanse involves the Lymphatic system; this system can accumulate what?
  22. The following additional protocols can be used?
  23. In the long term promotion of natural health, two things stand out as musts, what are they?
  24. “How long will it take” is a very common question. My answer is always the same. You have worked diligently to create the health you have, so in order to Rebuild and Repair, it takes a minimum of what?
  25. After starting the initial Program of Care, you will see positive differences in how many days?
  26. What is the ultimate expression of ill health?

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