Chapter 13: Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System

Chapter 13: Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System
  1. a. When it comes to a personal ‘Program of Care,’ we have seen amazing results within as little as how many steps? b. What are they?
  2. a. When it comes to cranial and visceral manipulation, we only work on _____________? b. For other structural adjustments, we refer to a__________________?
  3. Common electronics can __________ and ____________ your electromagnetic field.
  4. A Multi Polar Magnet next to the body protects your energy field from ___________________?
  5. The adrenal glands take a hit anytime you’re under ________________?
  6. The adrenal glands are responsible for producing _____________ that enables the body to handle stress.
  7. a. How can the Adrenals be checked? b. If you have recently consumed _____________, weak adrenals will not test weak.
  8. If the Adrenals are not reset, what will your body not bring on display?
  9. a. When testing for environmental or food sensitivities, the isolated substance tends to create _________ and ___________ in the body? b. This method does not entail ____________ or _______________?
  10. After we have isolated the substances causing sensitivities we have you hold them near your __________________?
  11. Using an adjustment fork along the meridians on the spine and a sparker, we can lock in the __________________?
  12. Occasionally the procedure has to be repeated, but no more than____________ times?
  13. If food sensitivities are found, they must be avoided for a minimum of __________ days?
  14. Replacement of the right _______________ is also part of the protocol.
  15. Digestive valves are designed to ______________ and triggers _________________?
  16. If your digestive valves are not performing in proper sequence, you may experience what five symptoms?
  17. Visceral manipulation can reset what five items?
  18. For a prolapsed uterus or bladder, get and use a slant board for _____________ minutes a day.
  19. If you are experiencing a dropped kidney, what symptoms may you experience?
  20. Anytime you have an injury or surgical procedure, your body will form ______________?
  21. Adhesions are the body’s way of enforcing support for the ____________________ which causes what two problems?
  22. a. Anytime there are adhesions in the body, there will be a lack of ______________? b. This can translate into a decrease of function in the organ which may also result in ______________?

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