Chapter 14: Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System

Chapter 14: Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System
  1. Color and Sound Therapy is referred to as_______________?
  2. Color serves to support your vital life force by supplying ________________?
  3. a. Color therapy eye wear comes in seven individual rainbow colors, what are they? b. What are the two additional colors?
  4. Color is nothing more than ________________?
  5. True or False: If you stop wearing a certain color, are you no longer affected by it?
  6. Your eyes convert light (or color) into _________________?
  7. a. When color enters your eyes, each______________ is directed to the area of the body that recognizes it. b. This causes _______ and _________ changes to occur?  c. You will choose a color which corresponds to the area of the ____________or _____________ you need to work on.
  8. Color is _____________?
  9. The word _______ is found in ancient Sanskrit writings?
  10. Chakras are directly related on the physical level to ____________ system?
  11. Each of the seven main chakras respond to ______________ and _____________?
  12. Aqua corresponds to the____________?
  13. Magenta supports _________________?
  14. Violet corresponds to primarily the upper _______________ function?
  15. Indigo corresponds to the ___________ gland?
  16. Blue corresponds to what five physical areas in the body?
  17. Green primarily corresponds to what area on the body?
  18. Does yellow correspond to personal power?
  19. What is the complimentary color to orange?
  20. What is the common name for biosonic re-patterning?
  21. When we listen to the sound of tuning forks, our nervous system_________________?
  22. During the listening process, our physical bodies will actually___________________?
  23. An Anechoic chamber is a completely sound proof room resembling a _________________?
  24. John Cage heard how many sounds while in the chamber?
  25. These sounds represented what two physical areas of the body?
  26. Tuning into the sounds of the nervous system is __________________?
  27. Sound is a condensed form of___________________?
  28. Sound works directly on the nervous system according to ___________ and _____________?
  29. The entire existence of wind, water and animals is like a great________________?
  30. What type of wall have we created that stands in the way of this music?
  31. The only illusion human kind has a drop of is the___________________?
  32. There is a unique relationship between color and sound. What are the seven listed?

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