Chapter 15: Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System

Chapter 15: Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System
  1. a. John Hurley was a _____________ before becoming a practitioner? b. He is credited with developing ___________________?
  2. Your body distortion is measured with a __________________?
  3. Structural distortion is the basis of__________________?
  4. What are the two things that tend to precede distortion?
  5. a. The pressure used in spinal touch therapy is no more force that you would use to touch the skin on the _________________? b. This therapy works best in a series of how many?
  6. When muscles and ligaments relax, bones are allowed to shift into their _____________?
  7. What moves blood in the body?
  8. Roughly 45 pints of lymphatic fluid in the human body is moved by_______________?
  9. a. Part of the Lymphatic System’s job is to remove waste products from the ________________? b. It also functions as the bodies________________?
  10. Most chronic disease problems occur at the junction of lymph vessels called______________?
  11. What are some causes of blocked lymphatics?
  12. In place of Dr. Carter’s Lymphatic Decongestion Technique, we use an herbal based ____________?
  13. What two areas of the body does massage not open up for lymphatic drainage?
  14. Environmental pollutants settle in ___________ and ____________ within our bodies?
  15. There are four types of non-invasive tests used to detect environmental pollutants?
  16. The purpose of oil being used to chelate metals is that the oil will___________ and __________ the metal.
  17. Generally, pets and livestock are treated for parasites once or twice per year but typically _____________ are not treated.
  18. In Hulda Clarks book, “The Cure For All Disease”, she indicates that cancer is partially caused by ____________ and ____________?
  19. A Herbal Cleanse taken for 30 days can kill off the _________ and ______________?
  20. For best effectiveness, how many times should you repeat the formula at the bottom of page 122?
  21. How does the body heal?
  22. The only time you will experience a healing crisis is when_____________________ ?
  23. How do people typically feel the day before a healing crisis?
  24. One of the best home remedies for dealing with some of the toxic stomach issues associated with a healing crisis is to ___________________?

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