Chapter 18: Your Guide to the Ultimate Healing System.

Chapter 18: Your Guide to the Ultimate Healing System.
  1. Although we reference 18 Steps, we have seen miracles with as few as how many steps?
  2. Restoration of health is a _____________, not an _________________?
  3. Upon observation, people realize a domino effect has been in place long before the person notices the loss of their __________________?
  4. What are the two primary factors to losing health?
  5. Nutritional Deficiency diseases will manifest in how many different ways?
  6. Please do not be faked out by the absence of symptoms equating to real___________________.
  7. Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of______________.
  8. You must have the answer to what three questions or you do not have a solution?
  9. a. Kinesiology allows us to do things in proper sequence by______________________? b. It assures us we are using the right three things, what are they?
  10. Nutritional Therapy is applied like what analogy?
  11. a. It makes no sense to send a _________________ into a burning building. b. When your home is on fire, you send in the_________________?
  12. After 6 to 12 weeks, we see the need for______________ to diminish and the ability to use ___________begins.
  13. Once the fires have been handled, you can use nutrition to promote _________________?
  14. What are four primary puzzle pieces to the Total Wellness Puzzle?
  15. What are the top four questions we ask at every visit?
  16. Principle six is summed up in one word, what is it?
  17. As a client, each visit you should be posing more_________________.
  18. We do spend time answering questions because the more people understand WHY they are doing WHAT they are doing, the better the ________________ and overall results?
  19. We request food logs for a minimum of how long?
  20. Dr. John Christopher said what?
  21. Most dietary habits are changed over the course of ______________________?
  22. We provide ________________ to _______________ educational opportunities each month?
  23. We encourage the client to revisit how they are feeling now in comparison to ______________?
  24. Our experience shows repeating these steps over and over is how we support the client’s ____________________.

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