Chapter 3: Your Guide to the Ultimate Healing System

Chapter 3: Your Guide to the Ultimate Healing System
  1. Where does the list of top 10 causes of death come from?
  2. Eight out of ten of the top causes of death are directly related to?
  3. Which top 10 killer has its own vaccine?
  4. Is heart disease genetic?
  5. What is the influencing factor from your family regarding heart disease?
  6. What foods are not conducive to a healthy heart?
  7. a. What can food allergies do to arterial walls? b. How can you correct this?
  8. What does the average American do with heartburn?
  9. When do most heart attacks occur?
  10. The American Cancer Society has finally said _______________regarding diet?
  11. What three accepted methods exist for cancer treatments?
  12. What three things must change to improve cancer outcomes in America?
  13. What are the two most important things to remember in order to position the body to heal?
  14. What is important to identify when someone is having a stroke?
  15. What substance causes clogging of the arteries when at abnormally high levels?
  16. Is Oral Chelation effective?
  17. What killed President George Washington?
  18. How many people die from Opioid Related Drug overdoses in America annually?
  19. Historically, was tobacco use deemed detrimental to your health?
  20. What disease has its own vaccine?
  21. What three things affect balanced pH levels?
  22. What are the top five cleanses for creating an internal environment where pathology cannot thrive?
  23. What are the only two ways to become sick?
  24. What is the recommended amount of water consumption that should be consumed daily in the winter?
  25. Symptoms associated with what type of toxicity are described on page 25?
  26. What are the safer alternatives to pharmaceutical vaccines?
  27. What is one of the best books written on the subject of vaccines?
  28. Two part question on diabetes: a. What is the most common form of diabetes? b. What brings it on?
  29. What Commission produces information regarding the use of psychotropic drugs?

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