Chapter 8 Book Study

Chapter 8 Book Study

Thank you for joining our Book Study.  This week we discussed Chapter 8 and you can watch the replay here:

If you would like to join our next book study please call our office to reserve your spot at 307-634-2464. We meet Monday’s from 6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.  We also air LIVE on our Facebook page here

Next week we will cover Chapter 9 and discuss the following questions:

  1. Who Said “All food is your medicine, and the best food is the best medicine?”
  2. What does 6-2-1-1 stand for?
  3. What should the vegetables consist of?
  4. Think colors of the …..?
  5. Is there measurable nutrition in iceberg lettuce?
  6. The best type of lettuce to use in salads is referred to as….?
  7. What type of fruit should you avoid?
  8. When food is heated to what temperature, are enzymes destroyed?
  9. What challenge can exist with dehydrated fruit?
  10. Eat fruit at least ___ hour(s) before or after other meals?
  11. If fruit remains in the stomach too long it can (______) and (______)?
  12. What does SAD stand for?
  13. The following food rule goes against what we have been taught our whole lives?
  14. When meat arrives in the stomach, what should be present?
  15. This does 2 things to the meat, they are?
  16. We only absorb nutrients from what?
  17. When we eat a baked potato, our digestive process begins to produce?
  18. Tums or Rolaids do what to digestion?
  19. What are the top 6 foods to avoid?
  20. Why are we told to NOT Eat butter?
  21. Unlike Margarine however butter doesn’t clog what?
  22. What document should you refer to as your “Model of Eating?”
  23. Live Bodies Require What?
  24. What does microwaving do to food?
  25. When food is deformed with microwaving, what compounds are produced?
  26. The following saying came from what Institute? “If the doctors of today do not become the nutritionists of tomorrow, the Nutritionists of today will become the doctors of tomorrow!”

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