Chapter 9 Book Study

Chapter 9 Book Study

Thank you for joining our Book Study.  This week we discussed Chapter 9 and you can watch the replay here:

If you would like to join our next book study please call our office to reserve your spot at 307-634-2464. We meet Monday‚Äôs from 6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.  We also air LIVE on our Facebook page here

Next week we will cover Chapter 10 and discuss the following questions:


  1. How many potential sources of toxins can we be exposed to in basic foods?
  2. What 3 effects associated with too much caffeine might you identify with?
  3. Caffeine and other caffeine stimulants raise havoc with what?
  4. What thrives when the pH environment of the body is too acidic?
  5. What is one of the best written books on the subject of pH balancing in the body?
  6. Cola drinkers need to know that there is how much sugar in soda?
  7. What website should you check different sugar sources in foods?
  8. Diet sodas are loaded with what?
  9. When this chemical sweetener reaches 86 degrees it turns to?
  10. Next, it will turn to?
  11. Finally converting to what? Which can cause what?
  12. Most every person seen in the clinic with Multiple Sclerosis drank?
  13. Aspartame can trigger auto-immune symptoms like?
  14. Remember, when it comes to alcohol, All things in what?
  15. Overuse of sugar can promote a?
  16. This can progress into an?
  17. Sugar tends to feed what? Garlic tends to eat what?
  18. Table salt is not pure salt; it is a chemical called?
  19. What metal is added to sodium chloride so it pours easily in damp climates?
  20. What sense is destroyed by table salt?
  21. Real salt was a form of what exchange in Roman Times?
  22. The type of salt you should use is?
  23. What are the 6 known side effects to taking aspirin?
  24. What is a natural substitute for aspirin use?

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