Dan & Craig are awesome in working with what my body needs…

I have been very happy with my journey with Country Doctor! The Country Doctor Nutritional Center has been such a wonderful support in all aspects of this journey! Dan and Craig are awesome in working with what my body needs and providing positive, non-judgmental support and suggestions in a comfortable atmosphere. They are open to listening to my questions and concerns and provide a plan to meet my needs. The support staff is always friendly and welcoming and I love the playful interactions among all who work there.

Thank you, Dan, Craig, Stacy, Rachel, Kora, and all the behind- the scenes employees who make the Country Doctor Nutritional Center a pleasant, rewording experience! I am truly excited to continue with your guidance!

Key positive changes as a result of this journey so far:

·         15 pounds weight loss

·         Better sleep/rest/digestion

·         “feel good”

·         More enjoyable eating experiences

·         Better awareness of what my body may need to function properly

                Thank you!


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