Educational Resources

Educational Resources



Doug Kaufmann’s Educational Experience including recipes: 

Real Milk: 

Cholesterol Facts & Fantasies: 

Soy Alert: 

Butter is Better: 

New Wave Therapy: 

Lure of Synthetic Vitamins 

Keto Pet Sanctuary for Pets:

Country Doctor Resources:


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Books we discussed:

“Building A Healthy Child” by Dr. Melina Roberts

“The Wandering Palate Cookbook” by Erika Schlick

“The Juice Recipe Book” by Annie Deeter

“Growth Mindset University” by Jordan Paris

“Buddha Belly” by Brittney Prendergast

“Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System” by Samuel Young & Dan Young

“Food and Behavior” by Barbara Reed Stitt

“Feed Your Kids Well” by Fred Prescatore

“Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon

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