Forgetfulness getting to you?

Forgetfulness getting to you?


The brain is vulnerable to lack of oxygen and glucose. Herbal Perfect Memory-Recall not only supports blood supply to the brain, it nourishes the brain cells. Nourishment allows the brain to function efficiently in the removal of toxins and waste.

It has been found lack of nutrients to the brain cause serious problems with memory. If the brain can be cleansed, repaired and rebuilt, brain dysfunctions such as forgetfulness, memory loss, lack of recall, and senility diminishes. 

An interesting side note…it has been observed that elephants in the wild will go out of their way to locate and eat Gota Kola. Everyone has heard of elephants living for two hundred years and never forget!  Gota Kola is one of the primary herbs in this formula.

We recommend this product if you have a nutritional deficiency that is contributing to:


-Memory loss

-Lack of recall

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