Heart Health

Heart Health

Every year nearly one million Americans succumb to heart disease. Orthodox medicine’s approach to the problem is invasive surgery in the form of heart transplants, angioplasty with stent insertion and by-pass surgery. These procedures do save many lives. However, only the symptom has been treated…not the cause.  Up to 80% of those having by-pass surgery performed will need a repeat surgery within seven years. It is estimated one out of every two people have or are developing heart disease due to dietary and lifestyle stressors.

At Country Doctor Nutritional Center, we believe the primary cause of heart disease is nutrient deficiency. Our products and foundational programs keep our clients on, or lead them to, a path of nutritional health. Our goal is to educate and provide our clients with the finest basic foundational programs and Original Remedies available for a healthy mind, heart, body and spirit!

“The heart responds to our emotions…joy, sadness, suffering, fear, the thrill of a child’s first step or the pain of losing a loved one. Keep it healthy. You only have one heart to lose.”  Samuel Young, M.H., N.D.”

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