I feel Good All Day!

I feel Good All Day!

My health prior to seeing the Country Doctor was not good. I was constantly fatigued no matter how much sleep I got or how little. I didn’t have the extra energy for my kids, house work, and forget about working out. I had stomach problems with food sensitivities, bloating, and gas regularly. I was having heart burn every night. I also suffered from migraines and headaches every week to a couple times a week. I felt stressed and irritable cause I wasn’t sleeping well and my stomach or head hurt almost daily.

The positive changes that have occurred since seeing the clinicians is absolutely amazing. I have had a complete turn around in my body and how I feel. The first thing I noticed was my sleep; my quality of sleep is way better no matter how long I sleep for, cause we know that we don’t all get the same hours of sleep every night. I have the extra energy to do things with my kids and the house work that I want to do. I also now have the energy to start working out and that’s the next goal. I stopped having heartburn the first week after I started seeing the clinicians and I am no longer having the gas and bloating like before. The food sensitivities have improved tremendously. The amount of migraines and headaches I have have been cut in half and are still improving. My stress level has gone way down and I am no longer irritable. I feel good all day. It is hard work and a lifestyle change, but so worth it if you have the self commitment. I can’t thank my friend enough for introducing me to the Country Doctor!

-Kelli K.

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