Mentorship Program: Practice BluePrint

Mentorship Program: Practice BluePrint

We are extremely proud of April Martinez who just completed her Hands On Mentorship here at Country Doctor Nutritional Center with Dan Young, Board Certified Naturopath.  April will be expanding her Natural Health Business in Rawlins, WY.  Dan led April through an intensive six days of Hands On Training in Kinesiology in addition to how to build a successful clinic.  In addition to learning Kinesiology, Apirl learned how to effectively acquire and retain clients to build a profitable business.  April’s training doesn’t stop here, she is only beginning.  She will continue to get mentored directly from Dan on a weekly basis for the next few months.  We are so proud and excited for her!!!  Who do you know in or around Rawlin’s?


For anyone interested in learning more about our Mentorship program, please contact Becca Harrison at 303-986-2854 to schedule a consultation.  We also offer Free Weekly trainings in our private facebook group Click Here



2 responses to “Mentorship Program: Practice BluePrint”

  1. betty morgan says:

    need a phone number please

    • Becca Harrison says:

      Hi Betty,

      I would love to chat with you. My Phone number is 303-986-2854 and I will also email you to see when is a convenient time to connect.

      Thank you,


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