My skin is so soft and clear…

Before coming to the Country Doctor, I was very tired all the time, with no energy. My joints were stiff and some sore. My legs and feet ached and I had arthritic bone spurs which burned and ached in my wrists and ankles. I needed weight loss, my sinuses were full, and I had occasional heartburn. My eyes were dull. After I began my program, I noticed my skin problems got better. After beginning my program, I have more energy. I feel much better. My joints move better and don’t ache like they did. My legs and feet don’t ache anymore and the varicose blocks in the one spot are improving. The bone spurs and wrist and ankles don’t hurt anymore. I am losing some pounds now and then. There is no heartburn now unless I slip back into “old ways.” I can definitely tell a difference in eating. My eyes are brighter and shinier like they used to be. I noticed my fingernails are pinker and healthier looking. My skin is so soft and clear too.


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