The Sugar Control Diet

The Sugar Control Diet

Sugar Control Diet

This diet is excellent for improving the mechanism that controls your body’s blood sugar levels. Our goal is to keep your blood sugar balanced so that it doesn’t get too high or too low. Please follow this diet closely. As your condition improves, we will be adding various foods and observing their effect on your blood sugar. The objective is to return you to a more comprehensive diet as soon as your body will allow. THe closer you follow this diet, the sooner your body will respond and you will again be able to enjoy a variety of foods. 

The keys to this diet are: eating moderate amounts of protein, with some at breakfast, lunch and dinner, eating lots of lower carbohydrate vegetables, eating frequently (you should go no longer than 2-3 hours without food) and completely avoiding those foods you have been told to avoid, until you are ready to re-introduce them. This is usually about two weeks if you have done a great job on following the recommended diet.

The benefits of this diet are many: first and foremost people feel better on this diet, generally having more energy and their energy is much more steady; weight loss is common (if you are overweight); cravings disappear; mentally and emotionally people often feel much better; improved quality of sleep (the majority of insominia’s are corrected). This is also the diet we use to prevent Diabetes. There are many other improvements that can result when one’s blood sugar is suddenly normalized, so please report any and all improvements to us.

Regarding Nutritional Supplements: I have recommended a number of different supplements to you. The supplements and diet are designed to work synergistically, maximizing our results for you. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding our supplements. Also be certain to let us know when you are running low on any of your spplements. At your visits, we will determine if your nutritional therapy is staying the same or if we are going to make changes. 


It is very important that you eat some protein at each meal and it’s best to have similar quantities at each meal (rather than a little at one meal and a large at another). It is also best that you don’t eat more than six ounces of meat or nine ounces of fish at one meal. I will discuss with you what your maximum and minimum amounts of protein should be for any given day.

Red Meat-A minimum of 3 oz. 3 times a week

Fish-Not breaded and unlimited

Fowl-Not breaded and unlimited


Nuts-See under snacks

Cheese-Ok if it has not been recommended to avoid milk products


These are one of the keys to this diet. We want you to get a lot of vegetables. They should make up the largest portion of lunch and dinner.

Green Vegetables-UNLIMITED. Eat lots of these as they are very high in nutrients and low in calories. Yellow and orange vegetables-only in small portions occasionally.

Onions, garlic and tomatoes-as desired (unless specifically instructed to avoid)

Avoid potatoes until further notice.


All fresh fruits are allowed except bananas and dried fruit. You may eat unlimited amounts of berries, citrus and melons (unless you are allergic). Eat only small portions of apples and pears.


WATER-Ideally drink 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight daily

Herbal teas-unsweetened

Fruit Juices (containing no added sweetness), diluted 50% with water. Limited to two 6 ounce glasses of 50% water and 50% juice.

Beer and Wine-It is best to avoid while in the initial phase of this diet.


Organic nuts are preferred. Be sure to chew all nuts thoroughly. (Almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, pecans, fresh fruit, raw vegetables and hard boiled eggs)


At this time, the only grain allowed is rice. Before cooking, put the rice in a pan and heat stirring until rice turns slightly brown. At this point put the rice in a pan and proceed as usual.


No wheat or wheat products are allowed (this includes both whole wheat and white flour products like pasta, breads, crackers, etc..Also avoid soy sauce as it contains wheat, unless it is wheat free tamarin.

No sugar, honey, maple syrup, etc….are allowed

No dried fruit allowed.


This program is designed to improve your body’s ability to maintain its blood sugar within a healthy range. Strictly adhering to this diet will allow us to isolate symptoms you normally experience that may be related to fluctuations in your blood sugar levels.

This diet can be helpful in correcting blood sugar problems as well as detect food allergy related symptoms. Dramatic changes in health can occur in clients when their blood sugar is maintained within normal range. Feedback from your body is of tremendous value-this may be the most important information learned regarding your health. Please make this investment in your health by following this diet closely and please inform us of any changes you feel.

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