I will continue to recommend The Country Doctor to anyone interested…

I found the Country Doctor, Dr Dan Young, after having surgery to repair a cut tendon in my hand. This may seem like a non-connect but the scenario went like this: stupid human move causes sliced tendon, terrific surgeon repairs tendon, during surgery an antibiotic injection is given, antibiotic causes severe raging diarrhea for 21 days, consult with surgeon has me start probiotics which curbs the diarrhea, then I start having a “rash” at the elbow of the surgery arm. This rash comes and goes for short period of time and then comes on full blown and becomes “hives”. I then consult my MD and was given a small dose, short acting steroid injection which worked for a little bit.
Then the hives come back and I go back to the MD and am given Prednisone orally for 10 days. The hives go away but then my face blows up puffy and lumpy and bumpy and the skin turns leather like with the eyes almost swelling shut.
Back to the MDs office where I see physician/PA #3. This time I am given two types of anti-histamines one to be taken 2x daily and one to be taken 1x daily. It was decided the face was actually a delayed reaction to the Prednisone so no more of it was given. This seemed to help the most.
As a supplement to all of this I went for massage as I was largely convinced the hives were stress from the slow healing of the hand and other life situations. However, as I did not seem to be getting better my masseuse asked if she could consult with a colleague about me to which I said sure – I was going on vacation the following week and really did not want to deal with hives!
After consulting with Dr Dan, my masseuse suggested I go visit as he felt he could help me.
My first visit was a bit out of order with the practices normal routine but they had me fill out an extensive questionnaire and it was determined my liver was WAY out of wack. Dr Dan did testing and put together a dietary and supplement plan to help with the hives – and the generally over stressed liver – my feeling is anesthesia, antibiotic and steroid coupled with crappy lifestyle choices stressed the liver to the point it rebelled just to get my attention.
Because of vacation I was not as good as I could have been on the dietary changes and still saw marked improvement. Once I was home and dialed in the dietary changes I started to see overall health improvement. Energy, attitude (my partner commented numerous times about how much easier I was/am to live with 😊), aches, pains, food tolerance (being able to eat things that had previously upset my tummy), colitis and sleep patterns all improved.
While it is never easy to change and especially when you have an addiction (mine being 64 ounces of caffeinated sugared soda a day), being able to go up and down stairs like a normal person, having the masseuse notice a marked decrease in overall body inflammation, home life being more harmonious and overall having more energy, have made this life change/life changing journey easier.
When I fell off the change wagon, Dr Dan and the entire staff were empathetic, understanding and encouraging.
I have already and will continue to recommend The Country Doctor to anyone interested.  And if even one person hops on and makes the commitment it will have been worth sharing my enthusiasm.
Cheyenne, W.Y.