Turning My Life Around

“When I started my program I could barely accomplish anything due to pain from my stomach. I suffer from allergies to wheat, yeast, and oats. And have had severe issues with candida/yeast imbalance all my life. Even though I was eating pretty well I still had issues I couldn’t pinpoint on my own. I also had a virus that made my bones ache when I first came in. Dr. Young was able to test exactly what I needed to avoid and it was such a breeze after that, takes all the guesswork out of what to avoid! Even though it was hard going off sugar, I’m grateful I have along with other culprits. I have more energy just in the 6 weeks since I started. The virus went away not long after taking much needed supplements. Everyone at the Country Doctor makes you feel truly welcome and encourages you to keep going. It is worth the effort to feel well! I’ve had days where I don’t get tired and though it seems strange, I could get used to that!”

Wheatland, WY.