Chapter 12 Book Study

Chapter 12 Book Study

Thank you for joining our Book Study.  This week we discussed Chapter 12 and you can watch the replay here:


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Next week we will cover Chapter 13 and discuss the following questions:


  1. When it comes to a Personal ‘Program of Care,’ we have seen amazing results within as little as how many steps?
  2. What are the 18 Steps?
  3. When it comes to cranial and visceral manipulation, we only work with what?
  4. For other structural adjustments, we refer to who?
  5. Common electrical appliances can?
  6. A Multi Polar Magnet next to the body protects your energy field from what?
  7. The adrenal glands take a hit anytime you’re under what?
  8. The adrenal glands are responsible for producing (what) that enables the body to handle stress.
  9. How are the Adrenals checked?
  10. What substance can keep your testing from going weak?
  11. If the Adrenals are not reset, your body will not bring on display?
  12. When testing for environmental or food sensitivities, the isolated substance tends to create a what?
  13. This method does not entail what?
  14. After we have isolated the substances, we have you hold it to your what?
  15. Using an adjustment fork along the meridians on the spine and a sparkler, we can lock in the what?
  16. Occasionally the procedure has to be repeated but no more than?
  17. If food sensitivities are found, they must be avoided for a minimum of how many days?
  18. Replacement of the right what is also part of the protocol.
  19. Digestive valves are designed to do what?
  20. What do the Digestive valves trigger?
  21. If your digestive valves are not performing in proper sequence, you may experience what?
  22. With the use of visceral manipulation, what may be reset?
  23. Side note under prolapsed uterus or bladder?
  24. If you are experiencing a dropped kidney, what symptoms may you experience?
  25. Anytime you have an injury or surgical procedure, your body will form what?
  26. Adhesions are the bodies way of enforcing support for the what?
  27. Two problems are created during the healing of the incision?
  28. Anytime there are adhesions in the body, there will be a lack of what?

29.  This can translate into a decrease of function in the organ which may

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