Book Study Chapter 5-6: Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System

Book Study Chapter 5-6: Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System

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Chapter 5

  1. The current system of healthcare in America has been confused with what?
  2. What is a more accurate word to describe today’s health care system?
  3. Modern medicine continues to introduce NEW __________and NEW _________ which suggests it is pursuing something that only traditional care can provide.
  4. Modern medicine refers to Traditional Care as ____________? 
  5. What would be a good place to begin looking for a natural health care practitioner?
  6. Health stores typically have two things going for them, what are they?
  7. What is the store I prefer in Cheyenne, Wyoming?
  8. What other two places can you look for a Naturopath referral?
  9. What three questions should always be asked when locating a Naturopath?
  10. Naturopaths identify the cause of the problem and do not use _____________ or ________________.
  11. True or False: Naturopaths prescribe or adjust dosages of prescription medications.
  12. If you actually identify and treat the cause of the problem, what will usually go away?
  13. The AMA is essentially what type of group?
  14. Rockefeller was bottling and selling ____________to people as a medicinal tonic?
  15. Most pharmaceuticals are derived from what?
  16. Prior to 1900, the majority of practitioners in this country were what type of practitioners?
  17. What report basically clinched the AMA’s position as the dominate medical standard and in the process, closed down natural schools in this country?
  18. In Europe, what two diagnostic tools might you experience?
  19. In Europe, pharmaceuticals are only used in _______________?

Chapter 6

  1. More of a statement than a question: when contacting any office prior to your first visit, try to get as much information up front as possible.  If the office offers a class, take it prior to making any commitment to invest time or money. Try not to get answers to your concerns over the phone. That’s like asking a carpenter to make a wonderful addition to my home without ever seeing the home.
  2. What two words are not used in Naturopathic Practice? & The terms you should look for are?
  3. Why is it best to communicate your health concern upfront?
  4. Work, play, prayer, reflection, fun, etc.  These make for what in your life?
  5. We are what we _____________and ___________________?
  6. Your body will try to utilize and adapt to whatever you feed it in order to accomplish four things, what are they?
  7. Why is adapting with donuts and coffee a problem?
  8. When the body runs out of nutrients, it will begin to cannibalize itself just to_____________________?
  9. What is the most recommended food plan in this book?

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