Chapter 5 & 6 Book Study

Chapter 5 & 6 Book Study

In case you missed this week’s book study, you can catch the replay here:

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Next week we will cover Chapter 7 and discuss the following questions:

  1. What are the 11 basics?
  2. What three things must happen to maintain good health?
  3. Where do we get these from?
  4. Dr. Jensen said what regarding what we eat?
  5. Meal time should be what type of occasion?
  6. Where does digestion begin?
  7. Food should be what state or consistency before you swallow it?
  8. Drinking liquids with meals can do one thing and suggests another, what are they?
  9. Beverages should be what temperature when you drink them?
  10. How much saliva can your body produce per meal?
  11. What did John Christopher say regarding food?
  12. Food is used by the body for 4 main things?
  13. The stomach is where food is primarily?
  14. When we eat starches, the body produces?
  15. When we eat meat, the stomach produces?
  16. What can literally burn the duodenum wall?
  17. This can develop into 3 things, what are they?
  18. When we use prescriptions or over the counter remedies to correct this, what 2 things happen?
  19. When fats or oils are present, the Liver signals which organ to contribute what to the digestive process?
  20. The Pancreas contributes 2 substances to the digestive process, what are they?
  21. The liquefied food released into the Small Intestine is called?
  22. The small intestines primary job is to?
  23. At the end of the Small Intestine, there is a valve called what?
  24. If this valve gets stuck open, what can happen?
  25. This will begin what process?
  26. The appendix has several functions?
  27. What serious illness can develop if the Appendix ruptures and is not handled quickly?
  28. When do most appendicitis attacks tend to occur?


Bonus Question:  Food travels through how any areas of the body?


We will finish with discussion on what these areas do regarding digestion!!!

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  1. Thanks for posting your study group.
    Where can I find exactly what is light field therapy and how it is used in biological diagnostics?
    with thanks

    • Becca Harrison says:

      Thank you for your comment Cathy. Did you mean Dark field microscopy which is good for biological evaluation of the blood.

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