Structural Distortion

Structural Distortion

Structural Distortion:

The Byproduct of Nutritional STRESS?

We have known for decades that stress, toxin accumulation and Nutritional Deficiencies contribute to the bodies inability to maintain structural integrity. This can cause a person to seek multiple massage, chiropractic visits and make them wonder why Yoga isn’t really paying off.  Because of this, we offer our New Clients the opportunity to Experience 2  …….

Complimentary Gifts

First, the head to toe structural release using the Percussor and Adjustor Equipment. This equipment gently yet effectively improved normal circulation, range or motion and strength by gently removing certain soft tissue patterns “locking” up the structure. 


EB Foot-bath Therapy for Cellular cleansing. This amazing process literally stimulates the bodies ability to release stored toxins. The source of these toxins is air, water, food and environmental. Get BOTH scheduled as soon as possible!

Talk to Sarah, Kora or Rachel and get scheduled for these two Complimentary gifts……..


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