Chapter 4 Book Study: Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System

Chapter 4 Book Study: Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System
  1. What is most important, especially during our senior years?
  2. a. What commonalities exist among the longest lived cultures in the world? b. What four tribes are mentioned?
  3. Who believed that there is no biological reason for a human being not to reach the age of 150 years?
  4. Dr. Carrel is best known for what experiment?
  5. How long does a chicken normally live?
  6. Who said, “Getting sick takes years of consistent, dedicated, hard work doing all the wrong things?”     
  7. People perish for lack of what?
  8. Our ancestors inherently knew about certain healthy activities, what were they?
  9. Around what time in history did toxic chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides come into use?
  10. a. How much, in terms of crop loss, did farmers experience prior to toxic farming practices? b. What is the loss today?
  11. What is a major contributor to our ill health in the last five to ten years of our lives?
  12. What book goes really deep on how modern farming is impacting our health and overall environment?
  13. Why are toxic chemicals so detrimental to the soil?
  14. What activity can you do to see how healthy the soil is?
  15. What didn’t we have on every corner 70 years ago?
  16. What percentage of foods were not in the grocery stores just 30 years ago?

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