Chapter 15 Book Study

Chapter 15 Book Study

Thank you for joining our book study. This week we discussed Chapter 15 and you can catch the replay here:


If you would like to join our next book study please call our office to reserve your spot at 307-634-2464. We meet Monday’s from 6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.  We also air LIVE on our Facebook page here

Next week we will cover Chapter 16 and 17 and will discuss the following questions:

Chapter 16

1.  The Basic Foundation Program has how many cleanses to follow? 

2.  How much weight have people lost while following this program? 

3.  What normal function will Herbal Perfect Slender promote? 

4.  Where do you find the outline for 6-2-1-1? 

5.  How much Superfood should a person consume daily? 

6.  Coconut butter and Avocados promote metabolism of what? 

7.  What amount of water should be consumed in the winter versus in the summer?

8.  By what time in the evening should you have consumed your last meal for the day? 

9.  During the 6 Week Plan, you must eliminate what and what? 

10.  How much quiet time should you give yourself daily? 

11.  Being 14lbs overweight can do the same damage to the body as smoking what? 

12.  Your current level of health is a reflection of your genetics responding to? 

13.  When it comes to the effectiveness of this program, two things must be addressed if necessary? 

14.  Potassium deficiency can cause an? 

Chapter 17

1.  How many aspects to your case are reviewed in the case history? 

2.  What are they? 

3.  There are 3 recommendations made in the Program of Care, that are critical to your success, what are they?

4.  HRV can indicate stress conditions affecting 3 primary areas, what are they?

5.  There are 3 primary activities that we conduct during the first 6 weeks, what are they?

6.  The next classroom education experience we provide is?

7.   One healing cycle is how long?

8.  Most people experience optimum gains after how many healing cycles?

9.  The healing and Observation phase allows us to monitor two primary things, what are they?

10.  When it comes to maintenance visits, how often should you schedule exams?

11.  There are other areas of your health we can look into during the Maintenance Phase, name 3?

12.  What are the Balanced 4? 

13.  Good health is the best what?

14.  There are several factors influencing how well you respond to Naturopathic Care, what are they?

15.  In short, when the cause of your health ailment is removed, what happens?

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